09/03/2022 When you dream - dream big :)

Confirmed by ultrasound! Expected in April 2022!




Sweet dreams Katie , you have gone like you were , a Great Hof Chao Princes and with style

RIP Katla Hof Chao 19/10/2011 - 05/01/2022




Hof Chao U-litter is born on 05/10/2021: 2 females & 1 male!

Litter is sold out

Updated Plato Hof Chao Gallery with new photos


19/09/2021 BRK KS in Rummen:

Tokyo Hof Chao in junior class G

Thor Hof Chao in junior class V3

Plato Hof Chao in open class SG

Qibo Hof Chao in working class V2 Res-CAC



Rey is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound! More info on the upcoming litters -site!

Updated the site of REY HOF CHAO


on 12th September 2021 at NRC KlubSieger:

PLATO HOF CHAO V1 in breeders class

QIBO HOF CHAO V2 in working class

THOR HOF CHAO V2 in youth class


on 25th July 2021

THOR HOF CHAO V1 in youth class


Congratulations to QIBO HOF CHAO for making his IGP I and passing his ZTP!



Our T-litter is born 14/10/2020! Totally 5 males & 5 females.

Litter is sold out!



Updated our upcoming litters -site with two planned litters!



Website finally back online after changing providor. Cleaning up done here and there.

Added STORM V/D GOLAN-HÖHEN to the breeding dog -page

Added new young female REY HOF CHAO to the young dogs -page



REY HOF CHAO has passed the socialization test!



PLATO HOF CHAO & PACO HOF CHAO have both passed their BH-exam!



STORM V/D GOLAN-HÖHEN & QIMAT HOF CHAO have both passed their BH-exam!



Last Sunday in NBRC's 2st BSE/ZTP test in Sectie Vlaamse-Ardennen Zwalm under judge Uwe Petermann (ADRK)

PLATO HOF CHAO, ROBIN V/D GOLAN-HÖHEN and QIMAT HOF CHAO have all passed the BSE Breed Standard Evaluation :)

This means that all three of them have all necessary tests and are allowed for breeding!


Also Michiel & QIRA HOF CHAO have passed BSE in same test. Congratulations and thank you!


SUPER NEWS from Belgium Kennel Club Sint Hubertus - STORM V/D GOLAN-HÖHEN is HD & ED Free, OCD Free, DCM Clear & JLPP n/n!


15/06/2019 Great results on NBRC KlubSieger show in Olmen (BE):

Intermedium Class male QIBO HOF CHAO V2

Intermedium Class females QIRA HOF CHAO SG1

Contratulations and Thank You!


19/05/2019 Today at Int. Dogshow CAC-Wieze our PLATO HOF CHAO V1, CAC, Best Male & Best Of Breed. He also won the tittle of Hopkoning 2019!



15/05/2019 Meanwhile the S-litter is already 5 weeks old.

Still a male & female puppy available!


26/04/2019 New 2 week photos on S-litter's own page


20/04/2019 Check out S-litter's own page


10/04/2019 HELLO WORLD!

Hof Chao S-litter is born today (6 males & 2 females) out of combination Puma vom Wilden Westen - Quick Hof Chao


09/04/2019 Big congratulations to Belle & 'N Nuendo Hof Chao for their IGP1 result 91-74-83 = 248 points

Very broud of you both <3



Expected in April 2019!!



03/02/2019 Plato Hof Chao, Robin v/d Golan-Höhen, Storm v/d Golan-Höhen, Qibo Hof Chao & Qira Hof Chao have all passed the Belgium Socialisation Test :)


06/02/2019 Our R-litter posing with their new proud owners. Photos on their own site.


04/01/2019 Our R-litter is 5 weeks old. New photos on their own site.


25/12/2018 Our R-litter is 4 weeks old. New photos on their own site.



18/12/2018 We are proudly welcoming back to our kennel stunning PLATO HOF CHAO!

HD: Free, ED: Free, OCD: Free, DCM: Clear, JLPP: n/n

Plato is now in full preparing for BSE-test & for the upcoming show season in 2019!


18/12/2018 Our R-litter is 3 weeks old. New photos on their own site.


11/12/2018 Our R-litter is 2 weeks old. New photos on their own site.


02/12/2018 Yesterday in NBRC & KBBC working competition  in Sectie Vlaamse-Ardennen Zwalm under judge Joep Selders

QUICK HOF CHAO passed her BH-test & NANDO HOF CHAO got 77 points in part B.


26/11/2018 OUR R-litter is here!! More info and photos on their own site.

Totally 5 females & 2 males


04/11/2018 Yesterday in NBRC's 1st BSE/ZTP test in Sectie Vlaamse-Ardennen Zwalm under judge Paul Dieter Viehoff (ADRK)

NANDO HOF CHAO, QUICK HOF CHAO and TRON'S VALLEY N'OUBLIEZ JAMAIS have all passed the BSE Breed Standard Evaluation :)

Also Carl & OLAF HOF CHAO have passed BSE in same test. Congratulations and thank you!



30/10/2018 We are so proud and excited to welcome to our home and kennel new young male from Germany:


BH AD Losh Breeding Approval

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD: Free, DCM: Clear, JLPP: N/N

THANK YOU Hermann, Adelheid & Ute!


Robin is also the sire of our UPCOMING R-LITTER with Katla Hof CHao!

R-LITTER is expected to be born end November 2018!! More info on Upcoming Litters-site!



14/09/2018 Last weekend at ADRK KS our Quick & Nando have done great results with super show critique:

Quick was "V" rated in a big intermedium class of 35 females!

Nando was "V" rated in an even bigger open class of 42 males!



24/05/2018 Updated our BREEDING DOGS-site


04/05/2018 Time to update some results from past months:


NBRC Klub Sieger Show 28/04/2018:

Qibo Hof Chao in puppy class 1VB + Best Male Puppy

Qira Hof Chao in puppy class 3VB

Qb Gucci Hof Chao in puppy class 4VB

Qimat Hof Chao in youth class SG & Losh Breeding Approval

Kyna Hof Chao in open class SG

Olaf Hof Chao in open class V2



Socialisation Test Passed 07/04/2018 in Roosdaal

Kathleen & Dadanadako (son of Gromm)

Eddy & Paco Hof Chao

Eddy & Quick Hof Chao

Kristin & Oonah Hof Chao

Adriana & Dadanadanka (daughter of Gromm)

Roel & Qimat Hof Chao




Updated our BREEDING DOGS-site

Updated Photo of the Month-page



20/02/2018 On Sunday 11/02/2018 came the moment we would not have wanted to go through...

It was time to let you go and set you free...

Love you forefer and more <3


International & Belgium Champion


Belgium KS 2011

Kylltalsieger 2012

Belgium JW 2008 Hopprins 2008

Kylltaljugendsieger 2009

HD: Free ED: Free

OCD: Free DCM: Free JLPP: N/N


15/06/2007 - 11/02/2018



Updated our BREEDING DOGS-site


02/02/2018 Check out our litter plans for 2018!

Updated Photo of the Month-page & page of Q2-litter.



04/10/2017 Our Q2-litter is already 4.5 week old.

Due to last moment cancelling, still male and female puppy available!

Visit them in their own page :)



17/09/2017 Our Q2-litter is today 2 week old.

Visit them in their own page :)



10/09/2017 Our Q2-litter is today 1 week old.

Visit them in their own page :)



Hof Chao Q2-litter has seen daylight yesterday 03/09/2017!!

4 strong boys & 4 gorgeous girls <3

More info on our upcoming litter-site!


09/08/2017 KYNA's pregnancy has been confirmed with ultra :)

Q II-litter is on it's way and expected to be born week 36!!

New Photo of the Month


16/07/2017 Super results from Lokerse Winner show today:

PACO HOF CHAO in junior class V1, Best Youth Dog, Lokerse Youth Winner 2017 & LOSH breeding approval

OLAF HOF CHAO in intermedium class V2 & LOSH breeding approval

NANDO HOF CHAO in open class V1, CAC, Best Male, BOB, Lokerse Winner 2017

Tron's Valley N'Oubliez Jamais in open class SG1 & LOSH breeding approval


Belle, Carl, Helga, Jouri - THANK YOU and congratulations :)


21/06/2017 Updated upcoming litter-site!

New Photo of the Month



05/04/2017 Q-litter has moved to new homes, photos with the owners on their own site.

Updated also Photo of the Month

Great news arrived from Serbia:

TRON'S VALLEY PARTOUCHE in junior class V & Best Young Male

GROMZI FURSTENDORF (daughter of Gromm) in junior class V1, Best Young Female & Junior Best of Breed


05/03/2017  Q-litter is 5 week old! New photos on their own site :)

Meanwhile Belle & TRON'S VALLEY NOUBLIE JAMAIZ and Simon & TRON'S VALLEY PROUD MARLEY have been busy and passed the socialisation test! Congratulations :)


19/02/2017  Q-litter is today already 3 week old! New photos on their own site :)


10/02/2017 Our Q-litter is today already 2 week old! New photos on their own site :)


03/02/2017 Our Q-litter is today 1 week old! New photos on their own site :)



30/01/2017 We are super happy to annouce, that our Q-litter is here!

On Friday 27/01/2017 was 4 gorgeous females & 1 handsom male born <3

More info on their own page!

Added also new photo of the month.


29/12/2016 We are expecting puppies!! More info on the upcoming litters-site!

New Photo of the Month, added new photos to our O2-litter site and to N2-litter site.

Updated also Nando's breeding site.

In Finland OPRI HOF CHAO has been officially x-rayed with super results: HD A/B, ED: 0/0, Back clear!



21/11/2016 On Saturday at the Kortrijk great results for Hof Chao!

NANDO HOF CHAO in open class V1, Best Male 2, res-CAC & rec-CACIB!

KYNA HOF CHAO in open class V1!

Judge: Uwe Petermann (ADRK)


Added a breeding site for NANDO

New Photo of the Month



19/10/2016 Added new breeding female TRON'S VALLEY N'OUBLIEZ JAMAIS to our breeding dogs-site

Last weekend in Charleroi KYNA HOF CHAO in open class V1, CAC, CACIB, Best female and BOB!


02/10/2016 We are very proud to announce are two upcoming litter plans! More info on the Upcoming litters site!

Due to the new breeding reglements given by the Belgium Dutch speaking goverment, we have gone yesterday to do the OCD (Osteochondrosis Dissecans) and DCM (Dilaterende cardiomyopathie) tests with our dogs with following results:

NANDO HOF CHAO: HD: Free, ED: Free, now also ODC: Free and DCM: Clear!

KYNA HOF CHAO: HD: Free, ED: Free, now also ODC: Free and DCM: Clear!

KIERA HOF CHAO: HD: Free, ED: Free, now also ODC: Free and DCM: Clear!

KATLA HOF CHAO: HD: Free, ED: Free, now also ODC: Free and DCM: Clear!

GROMM HOF CHAO: HD: Free, ED: Free and now at the age of 9 years also ODC: Free and DCM: Clear!



07/08/2016 Updated Gromm's breeding site & added new Photo of the Month.


25/06/2016 SUPER SUPER health results have arrived:

OXO HOF CHAO, HD: A/A, ED:0/0, SD: 0/0

OONAH HOF CHAO, HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, SD: 0/0





Congratulations to all owners :) We are very proud and happy!!!


01/06/2016 Last Sunday at the ADRK WORLD SHOW was our NANDO HOF CHAO in open class V with great show critique.

Nando & Eddy


In May at the BRK CAC-show in Rummen two youngsters did great results (junior class)

TRON'S VALLEY NERO V2, congratulations Freddy & Marguerite!

OXO HOF CHAO V3, congratilations Mylene!


Added new photos to the P-litter's site & new Photo of the Month.


01/05/2016 Today at Kylltal-show OXO HOF CHAO in junior class V1 & Kylltaljugendsieger!

Congratulations Mylene & Oxo!

Also Gromm's girl Opium von Hause Yuhpa V3 in the same show!


30/04/2016 Our P-litter is 6 week old :)


23/04/2016 Tron's Valley P-boys have all moved to their new homes. Wishing you all a long and happy life together :)

Meanwhile also our P-litter is 5 weeks old. New phootos on their own site.


Today in Finland OPRI HOF CHAO in puppy class VP1, HP and BOB-puppy, congratulations Merja!


Last weekend in Turkey KS

TRON'S VALLEY NYSA V2 in Youth Class

ODIN HOF CHAO SG3 in  Youth Class

Congratulations Ekin & Ismail!


17/04/2016 Our P-litter is 4 week old :) New photos on their own site.

Also new photo of the month!


10/04/2016 Our P-litter is 3 week old :)


06/04/2016 Tron's Valley P-litter is 6 weeks old. New photos on their own page.


01/04/2016 Our P-litter is 2 week old :)


28/03/2016 Tron's Valley P-litter is 5 weeks old. New photos on their own page.


24/03/2016 Our P-litter has their own page now and they are today 1 week old :)


21/03/2016 Tron's Valley P-litter is 4 weeks old. New photos on their own page.


20/03/2016 On Sint Patrick's Day 17/03/2016 was welcomed HOF CHAO P-litter to world :)

We have totally 6 females & 4 males alive and kicking :)

We also want to give our biggest congratulations to several Hof Chao's passing their socialisation test today! Good job!

Roel & Maj Hof Chao

Eddy & Nando Hof Chao

Bart & Kayliah Hof Chao

Kathleen & Oti Hof Chao and Kiran Hof Chao



06/03/2016 Tron's Valley P-litter is 3 weeks old. New photos on their own page.

Congratulations to Bart & Kayliah for their BH last Sunday :)

Also congratulations for Merja and Opri, on puppy show in Finland Best of breed puppy & HP!


06/03/2016 Tron's Valley P-litter is 2 weeks old. New photos on their own page.


29/02/2016 Tron's Valley P-litter is here! All 5 gorgous boys are doing well and are already 1 week old today :)

Saturday we received also sad news, Gwen Hof Chao has passed away at the age of 8 years.

Run free Gwen! Our deepest condolences to family Boelllaard and thank you for loving Gwen so much.



14/02/2016 WE ARE EXPECTING PUPPIES :) Both KYNA and KIERA are pregnant! More info on our UPCOMING LITTERS-site!!

New Photo of the Month! Updated Gromm's breeding site.

Also congratulations to NAUGHTY HOF CHAO, in Moeskroen show V1 in the intermedium class!



03/01/2016 Updated our Upcoming litter-site with info of HOF CHAO P-litter!

Updated also Gromm's breeding site!



05/12/2015 WOOHOO!! Very proud of our NANDO HOF CHAO who passed today his BH in ADRK Speicher with "V" Vorzüglich- result!

Also KYNA HOF CHAO passed for the second time her BH - this time in ADRK also :) Great work Roel & Kyna!


29/11/2015 There is a new light shining in the sky... It's our shining star and our sunshine...

Run free Elma - you will always be in our hearts <3


17/09/2003 - 13/11/2015


Updated also Gromm's breeding site and new photo of the month.


28/10/2015 Our O2's have moved to their new homes :)

We also proudly present OKAY HOF CHAO, who will stay here in our kennel!

Added Photo of the Month.


25/10/2015 Yesterday in CACIB show Leuven super results for Hof Chao dogs:

NANDO HOF CHAO V1 (intermadium class), Best Male1, CAC, CACIB & BOB at the age of only 20 months!

KIRAN HOF CHAO V2 (open class), r-CAC, r-CACIB

KYNA HOF CHAO V2 (open class)

OTI HOF CHAO V2 (junior class, age 9 months)

Congratulations & THANK YOU!!


from left to right: Eddy & Nando, Roel & Kyna, Kathleen & Oti, Davy & Kiran


05/10/2015 New photos to O2-gallery. Updated Gromm's breeding site.

Last week Saturday passed KYNA HOF CHAO her BH-exam! Nice work Roel & Kyna and big congratulations!



20/09/2015 Great news from our Turkish friends:

In Turkey - Atatürk Cup ODIN HOF CHAO VV1 & Best Male Puppy! Big congratulations Ismail & Odin!

In the same show TRON'S VALLEY NYSA VV2 in puppy class females! Congratulations again Ekin & Nysa!


Here under Odin with his owner Ismail! Congratulations Team-Turkey!



19/09/2015 New 3 week posings to our O2's. Also new photo of the month.


12/09/2015 O2's are already 2 weeks old! New photos on their own page :)


We are also PROUD to announce the planned TRON'S VALLEY litter!!!!

Expected around January 2016

INT & B CH VPG3WGH ZTP BH Belgium KS -11 KylltalJS -09 Belgium JW -08 Hopprins -08 GROMM HOF CHAOKYNA HOF CHAO

More info on Upcoming Litters-site!



05/09/2015 O2's have their own page!

Super brilliant results from last weekends ADRK KS:

Gromm's son VONKASSEL DASKO V4 in open class males!

Gromm's girl GIN VOM THRUDVANGAR V7 in champion class females!

Big congratulatiosn Alan & Dasko and Bul & Gin!


30/08/2015 Our O2-litter is here! Born 26/08/2015 6 females & 2 males :)

Litter is sold out


Today in Turkey cacib show Tron's Valley Nysa has been on her first show Best Puppy. Congratulations Ekin & Nysa!

Updated Gromm's breeding site



23/08/2015 Updated the History site with presentation of Roel (Tron's Valley), new photos to the gallery of KYNA HOF CHAO,

New Photo of the Month, new photo of KRUZ HOF CHAO & NORTON HOF CHAO


26/07/2015 WOOHOO!! Our O2-litter is on it's way :) Confirmed last Friday with an ultrasould - a big litter coming!

For more info please check our upcoming litter site...



18/07/2015 Some show results to update :)

In Oulu Int Show (11.07.2015) in Finland MAQUET HOF CHAO (open class) V1, res-CAC & Best Male 3

the next day (12.07.2015) again in Oulu Int Show MAQUET HOF CHAO (open class) V2

Thank you! Kiitos! Tuomo & Jaana and big congratulations :)

In Lokeren (12.7.2015) NAUGHTY HOF CHAO (intermedium class) SG1

Congratulations Leslie & Nico :)

Updated also Gromm's breeding site!

Also new Photo of the Month!


28/06/2015 Proudly presenting HOF CHAO O2 - litter!



07/06/2015 This update is dedicated to three unique and amazing rottweilers that have left us much too soon :(


Wanya, our precious camel boots girl. She came here four years ago and stole our hearts right away. Wantte, our special boertje. Always looking with her big big Wantte eyes. Our alpha female, one of a kind, super mother, an amazing amazing loving personality - Our Wanya <3

We tried so hard and we fighted so hard together but some battles you can not win no matter how much you try. So proud to have owned you, you will always live on in our memories and through your puppies...

Run free our angel, kisses kisses kisses, we will ALWAYS LOVE YOU xxxxx

Wanya von Bickesheim

05/12/2007 - 04/06/2015


Our deepest condolences also to Wim & Isabel for loosing their loved HEFF HOF CHAO... Thank you for taking so good care of him!

Run free boy together with all the other back & tan angels xxx


30/01/2008 - 26/05/2015


The third proud musketeer that left us is Dina. She had a long and good life together with her owners Jacques & Colette.

Gorgeous and special girl to us all, mother of our H-litter.

Run free without any pain pretty girl xxx


12/02/2004 - 30/04/2015



22/05/2015 Some super results to share :)

NANDO HOF CHAO has started his show career with following results:

03/05/2015 ADRK Speicher V2 in youth class

09/05/2015 NRC Holland KS in youth class V1 (youth class, 15 in the ring), Best youth dog, Holland Youth Winner 2015 and Best male 3

10/05/2015 BRK cac show V2 in youth class (25 dogs in his class)

He is also OFFICIALLY HD & ED FREE!!! :)


At ADRK Speicher NAUGHTY HOF CHAO got SG in junior class and both Oti Hof Chao & Tron's Valley N'Oubliez Jamais very promissing in puppy class

At NRC Holland KS Oti Hof Chao got very promissing 2 in puppy class

Thank you Leslie, Isabel & Kathleen and BIG CONGRATULATIONS :)

NAUGHTY HOF CHAO has been also x-rayed and he is OFFICIALLY HD & ED FREE!

Also we want to say BIG THANK YOU to Zika & Philippe for helping out presenting our Nando!  


Here under (left photo) NANDO with Zika at the NRC KS & (right photo) NANDO with Philippe at BRK cac show!



22/04/2015 New photo of NANDO HOF CHAO & new photo of the month.

Updated Gromm's breeding site.


11/03/2015 Big Big Congratulations NOVA HOF CHAO, Crufts Junior Bitch Class Winner 2015 and now also HD A/A & ED 0/0! Super happy for you Jewls & Daz :)

Updated also Gromm's breeding site and O-puppies & N-puppies with their new owners.

Jewls & Nova Hof Chao


15/02/2015 New photos of the O-puppies & N-puppies! Now 6 weeks old. Updated Gromm's breeding site.


01/02/2015 New photos of the O-puppies & N-puppies! Now 4 weeks old.


25/01/2015 New photos of the O-puppies & N-puppies!


18/01/2015 New photos of the O-puppies & N-puppies!

NAUGHTY HOF CHAO has yesterday passed the Belgium Socialisation Test! Congratulations Leslie & Nico!


12/01/2015 New Photo of the month! Updated Gromm's breeding site.


10/01/2015 Hof Chao O-litter & Tron's Valley N-litter have their own pages with individual photos :)


03/01/2015 There is no better way to start a new year than by introducing our TWO NEW LITTERS!!!!

* TRON'S VALLEY N-litter* was born 31/12/2014, 5 males & 4 females :)




and HOF CHAO O-litter was born 02/01/2015, 6 males & 6 females :)

Updated also Gromm's breeding site!


16/12/2014 THE MAGICAL BLUE PAPER :) - PROUD!!!-

GROMM HOF CHAO is allowed to do ADRK breedings!



We are SO PROUD to inform that our GROMM HOF CHAO has received an official permission to be used in ADRK breeding program!!!

Until now ADRK has approved only German or Austrian males but now, as first male ever from other country, our GROMM is also accepted to do ADRK breedings :)

He is one in a million and we are so proud of him!


International & Belgium Champion


Belgium KS-11 Kylltalsieger-12 Kylltaljugendsieger-09 Belgium JW-08 Hopprins-08

HD: Free / ED:Free


07/12/2014 WOOHOO!!! Yesterday in Adrk BG Speicher has our GROMM HOF CHAO done his VPG3 competition with 98-73-90!

At the same competition passed also KATLA HOF CHAO her BH-exam!

SUPER HAPPY & PROUD of both of them :)


30/11/2014 We are very proud to present our two upcoming litters. Both females are confirmed to be pregnant :)



20/11/2014 Updated Gromm's breeding site.


15/11/2014 Finally some time to make updates :)

New photo of the month, added our second upcoming litter for more info check out our Upcoming litter site!

Gromm's son GUSTIN DU DETROIT DE LANCASTER has passed his GHP3! Big congratulations Jacques & Gustin! Proud of you!

'N nuendo Hof Chao has also passed the Socialisation Test! Congratulations Isabel & Piru!


08/10/2014 Last Saturday KIERA HOF CHAO & MIKAY HOF CHAO passed their BH-exams!

Left: Jonathan & Mikay, right: Virpi & Kiera


27/09/2014  This is a writing I have today posted on our Facebook wall and since I'm still BOILING FURIOUS of what happened with Neela, I'm also posting this writing together with ALL x-rays here. If somebody wants the x-rays still on better quality, feel free to contact us:

There are the official x-ray photos we have received from Denmark concerning Neela Hof Chao.
My excuses of the markings on the x-rays, they are writings and markings of a Danish breeder doing her own diagnoses of the first "problem areas" before the second diagnose "severe elbow dysplasia" came from Denmark.
These x-rays have been controlled on our request until now already in Belgium by two specialists, in Holland by specialist, in UK by specialist and in Finland by specialist. All 5 of these vets have given their statement, that both elbows are showing no sign of changes, they are clean young dog x-rays and the "problems" pointed in the x-rays are normal young dog growth plates.

Since I have read that we are "kennel blind" and that there are severe ED problems not visible on the x-rays, we would like to ask everybody to check these x-rays together with their vets and then tell us in which way we are "kennel blind" when not understanding that the owner decides to euthanize the dog.
To be mentioned that we have offered to collect the dog from Denmark to be checked and if necessary treated in Belgium or in Holland on our costs and several times offered to buy the dog back and to return full purchase price to the owner. Both these requests were refused by owner.

For sure kennel blindness do exists, but there should be all facts known, not only coming from the owners/her breeder friends side, before this kind of judgement are done. And hopefully this will make all breeders put their self for a moment into our shoes... Kennel blindnes - what a difficult word that actually is... Does it make you "kennel blind" if you dont agree with everything? Does it make you "kennel blind" when you hear from your own kennel club and from specialists from other countries also that there is nothing to be seen in the x-rays? Or should you as a breeder blindly buy everything that the owner or her breeder friends are telling you?
Well, we choose first of all to believe and to listen the specialists. If that makes us "kennel blind" than so be it.

Luckily the owner has already collected a new puppy today from her breeder friend...

- VIrpi & Eddy-
Hof Chao rottweilers



23/09/2014 Unfortunately the cruel fact is, that when you give a puppy to it's new owners, the safety of that dog is no longer in your hands. You can try to find the best possible homes, have a good feeling and good trust to the persons coming to your house and showing to you their best possible sides. Sometimes warning lights start to burn early enough and yes, sadly sometimes you get totally fooled. The worst of being fooled is that it's a puppy, young dog or an adult one from your breeding that will pay the price.

Neela Hof Chao has also paid the price with her life. There was no way for her to win her battle, she did not have a fair chance. The owner preferred to euthanize a young dog instead of giving her a second chance in another home :(


For what we have been told, Neela has been limping her front leg already some time. First after the "chronic diarrhea" problem got solved by changing her food, it was diagnosed to be a shoulder problem (that cannot be cured), then after x-rays so badly misformed bone on her leg that she needed to be euthanized and finally a new diagnose: severe elbow dysplasia.

We received  x-ray photos from Denmark and forwarded them immediately to a leading orthopedic professor (DMV, PhD, Cert.VR (RCVS), Dip. ECVDI
Spécialiste en imagerie médicale vétérinaire), the head of orthopedic in Belgium Kennel Club. According to him ‘The elbow's X-rays are NORMAL elbow for an in growth dog.' Since Denmark informed us that the dog will be euthanized anyway, we still asked the professor to double check all photos. His result did not change: totally NORMAL elbow x-rays.

The Professor found this so scandalic case that he actually took personally contact to Neela's owner, giving his official statement that Neela shoud not be euthanized due to elbow problem since there is nothing wrong to be seen in her x-rays. He recommended Neela to be returned back to Belgium for closer check up and revaluation.


We have also meanwhile received a second opinion from another Belgium orthopedic and from one Holland orthopedic. All with same result, nothing unusual to be seen in the x-rays.


We have offered to take Neela to see an orthopedic in Holland or in Belgium with our expenses to get another opinion and to see what should be done - the owner refused this because it would have been too expensive for her anyway and the dog had insurance in Denmark.

We have also offered several times to pay back the complete purchase price, to drive our self to Denmark to get Neela back here, have her checked up here and to give her into a new home. The owner has refused. Instead of selling Neela back here she wanted to put her down and to get from us a free puppy and/or money.


Few weeks ago we managed to get again in contact with the owner and she told us, that she has asked Danish kennel club to give official statement of Neela's x-rays and that she would keep us immediately informed. We have never heard anything back from her.

All the sudden last Wednesday (17.09.2014) Neela's owner blocked us completely from her facebook so that we could not see anything back from her personal wall or writings.

Yesterday evening we learned to know why... She had euthanized Neela on Friday 19.09.2014 and did not clearly want us to see it or to react on it. So 3 days after her death, we finally heard of it via via. Meanwhile she has been crying for sympathy in facebook and trying to make herself look like a saint.


I hope that there is such a thing as Karma and I hope that Neela's unnecessary death will be a warning sign to all breeders. 

Shame on you K.S. and your breeder allied. Hopefully Neela will haunt you for the rest of your life.


If someone wants to get more info or for example to see the x-ray photos or official vet statements, feel free to contact us. 


I also want to say Thank You for all of you who have standed on our side as a strong wall during this whole sad story and tried together so hard to save Neela. We did not manage to help her out, but hopefully she knows how much we have tried. 


Neela schatje, you will never be forgotten and you were here loved by so many...

<3 Run free little angel <3



Updated also Gromm's breeding site.


24/08/2014 Today at Mechelen dog show siblings KIRAN & KYNA HOF CHAO enetered first time to the show ring:

- Kiran SG2 in open class males, congratulations Kat & Davy!

- Kyna V2 in open class males, congratulations Roel & Fabienne!

Also today at the ADRK KS Gromm's daughter GIN VOM THRUDVANGAR V3 in working class females, super result again Bul & Gin!

GIN VOM THRUDVANGAR is now also French Champion & VDH Champion!

Added new photo to JILL HOF CHAO .


Here under photo of KIRAN & KYNA HOF CHAO :)



29/07/2014 Plenty to update!

First of all we have made up our mind and our KATLA HOF CHAO will be bred with JUPP VOM CHARCO! More info of this super combination can be found in our Upcoming Litter-site.

Last Saturday on the BRK CAC-show several GROMM kids did great results. Thank you all for brining your dogs & congratulations: 

- Nio Rebberls Dream (age 9 weeks) won the Baby Males class (Very Promissing 1)

- Nikita Rebbels Dream (age 9 weeks) was rated Very Promissing in Baby Females class

- Maia Van Hof Ter Cammen V1 in Junior Class Females

- Flash De Chatoisillon V3 in Open Class Males

- Lana van Het Polderbos SG in Intermedium Class Females

- Izhar von Rengarde SG in Open Class Males

Kyano Hof Chao was also first time in show ring and got SG in Open Class Males. Well done Eric & Kyano!

Also last Sunday in British KS Gromm's son Vonkassel Dasko V1, Best Male & Best Of Breed! BRILLIANT RESULT Alan & Team VonKassel!

Updated New Photo of the Month!

New photos to Nando's gallery.


Arno & Nio Rebbelsdream VP1 & Best Baby Male

Marc & Maia van Hof Ter Cammen V1 Junior Class Females

Alan & Vonkassel Dasko V1, Best Male & Best of Breed at British KS




12/06/2014 What a great weekend again:

Last Sunday in Finnish KlubSieger KWANDO HOF CHAO was in his second show ever... In open class V1, Best Male3 & CAC! SUPER Pauliina & Kauko! In the same show KIARA HOF CHAO in open class females SG! Congratulations Jari & Karo!

Same day in ADRK Borken-Burlo Gromm's daughter GIN VOM THRUDVANGAR was Best Female, BOB & Westfalen Siegerin! Congratulations again Bul & Gin!

New photo of the mont & here under photos from Kwando Hof Chao & Kiara Hof Chao at the Finnish KS.


03/06/2014 Updated Gromm's breeding site.

MAQUET HOF CHAO has been eye checked and he is healty :) He has been also in the Estonian KS in Junior Class V2 - congratulations Tuomo & Maqu!

Gromm's girl GIN VOM THRUDVANGAR has been again doing great show results: first V2 (working class) in ADRK Baden-Schau & then again V2 in the ADRK World Championship! SUPER TEAM Bul & Gin!


24/05/2014 Great show results from Finland again!

KIARA HOF CHAO in open class V1, Best Female1 & CAC!
Gromm's son ROYAL RANGER'S FEUERWALD  V1, Best Male1 & CAC!


19/05/2014 Again some super results to update:

Yesterday in Wieze our KIERA  started her show career with V2 in open class. She also received at the same moment her LOSH-breeding document :)

In Finland MAQUET HOF CHAO started also his career with super results: Saturday he was V1, Best Male, CAC, BOB and Sunday V1, Best Male2 & CAC! Congratulations Tuomo & Maqu!

and then Gromm's daughter GIN VOM THRUDVANGAR hitted a jackpot again! Last week in Germany V1, Best Female, BOB & EUROPASIEGERIN 2014!

Congratulations Bul & Gin!

We have also made up our mind concerning our next litter to come... This Autumn KIERA HOF CHAO will be bred with KIMBO HOF CHAO! More info in the upcoming litters-site!


03/05/2014 Some brilliant results to update!

In Denmark NEELA HOF CHAO has been in her first show: Best Female puppy & BOB-puppy! Congratulations Kathe & Neela :)

Gromm's daughter GIN VOM THRUDVANGAR has done her GHP1 today (76-83-83)! SUPER Bul & Gin!

Gromm's boy GUSTIN DU DETROIT DE LANCASTER has passed his GHP2 today with 91-85-92 points! BRILLIANT Jacques & Gustin!

Also KYANO HOF CHAO has passed his BH-exam! Congratulations Eric & Kyano!

Updated also Gromm's breeding site.


20/04/2014 Yesterday KATLA, KIERA,  MANOA & MAYA HOF CHAO passed the Socialisation Test. Congratulations :)


07/08/2014 Updated Gromm's breeding site. He has now offsprings also in Australia :) Best of luck with the puppies Susie & John!


04/04/2014 N2's are already 5 weeks old :)


02/04/2014 New photos to KATLA & KIERA. Also new photo of NOX HOF CHAO.


31/03/2014 Last Saturday passed away the last Tron offspring DOCHA HOF CHAO. Sweet dreams big girl, run free with all the other loved ones that have left us much too soon... Thank you Freddy & Marijke for taking such a good care of her.


Updated Gromm's breeding site & added new photo of the month.


27/03/2014 New photos to NII-site! They are 4 weeks old :)


26/03/2014 NANDO HOF CHAO has his own page now! KYNA HOF CHAO has been added to our breeding dog- site!


21/03/2014 New photos to NII-gallery, they are 3 weeks old already!


13/03/2014 Our NII-litter is 2 weeks old! Take a look at their new photos!


12/03/2014 Our N-puppies have all moved to their new homes. Best of luck to all of you :)

Updated Gromm's breeding site

At the same moment we want to also proudly presend our latest gang member: NANDO HOF CHAO!

Nando is from our NI-litter (Int & Belg CH GHPII WGH ZTP BH GROMM HOF CHAO - BH Multi-V1 HEXE HOF CHAO)

Nando Hof Chao

Nando Hof Chao


07/03/2014 Our NII's are already one week old! New photos of all of them :)

Still few male puppies available!


02/03/2014 Our NII-litter is here! On Wednesday 26.2.2014 was born 5 males & 3 females. Wanya & her puppies are doing well :)


10/02/2014 N-puppies are already 5 weeks old, new photos on their own site!


08/02/2014 Today in Genk our KATLA HOF CHAO in open class V1, Best Female 1, CAC, BOB & AMBIORIX WINNER 2014!


01/02/2014 New photos of our 4 week old N-puppies :)


26/01/2014 New photos of our 3 week old N-puppies.

WANYA has been ultrasounded and she is pregnant! Our NII-litter is on it's way :) More info in the upcoming litter- site.

Yesterday in Moeskroen dog show Gromm's son GUSTIN DU DETROIT DE LANCASTER was V1 in working class - Congratulations Jacques!


17/01/2014 N-litter is two weeks old today - check out the new photos!

Also new Photo of the Month.


10/01/2014 Our N-litter has their own site and we are proud to presend all of them in their 1 week photos :)


04/01/2014 Our N-litter is here!! Yesterday was born 8 males & 2 females. Hexe and the pups are doing very well :)

Also our N II-litter is hopefully on it's way: Wanya has been littered with Gromm last weekend! More info in our Upcoming Litters-site!

Updated Gromm's breeding site.


22/12/2013 New photo of the month


08/12/2013 Hexe has been ultrasounded and YES she is very much pregnant! More info on the upcoming litters-site!

Gromm's daughter GIN VOM THRUDVANGAR finished her stunning year with one more super result: She has passed the ADRK ZTP! Congratulations again Bül & Gin!


03/11/2013 Our HEXE HOF CHAO has been mated now with GROMM HOF CHAO. More info on the upcoming litters-site!


25/10/2013 Updated Gromm's breeding site.


30/09/2013 Yesterday in France KS Gromm's girl GIN VOM THRUDVANGAR hitted the jackpot! After V2 in ADRK KS, V2 in Belgium KS & V2 in Holland KS she was yesterday V1 in open class & BOB AND FRANCE KLUBSIEGERIN 2013! We are super proud of Gin and SUPER HAPPY for Bül! Congratulations :)

Also in Finland Gromm's son ROYAL RANGER'S FEUERWALD has been officially x-rayed HD: A/A, ED: 0/0! Congratulations Nina!

Added new Photo of the month.


Here above a photo of our GROMM in the Holland KS


09/09/2013 On Saturday KAYLIAH HOF CHAO has passed the RST-breeding exam, congratulations Bart!

Also on Saturday Gromm's son GUSTIN DU DETROIT DE LANCASTER has passed the (BRK) ZTP-exam, congratulations Jacques!


01/09/2013 Yesterday in the Holland KS was Gromm's last show. He has had a stunning show career and now it's time for his offsprings to make their daddy proud :)

We are super happy of his presenting and running in the show, not to forget the excellent results his offsprings made in the same show also!

Thank you all for coming, we are so proud of you all!

Males judged by Mr. Viehoff (ADRK) & females by Mr. Hoffman (ADRK)

GROMM HOF CHAO V1 (champion class males)

ERASMO CORTEZ VON DEN HATZRUDEN V2 (breeders class males)

EXALIBUR JOJO VON DEN HATZRUDEN SG4 (intermedium class males)

IZHAR VOM REINGARTEN V3 (open class males)

GIN v THRUDVANGAR V2 (open class females)


Here under a photo of Eddy & Gromm in the Holland KS

Gromm V1


26/08/2013 After several long discussions with our close fried Heinz Enderle (von Bickesheim) and carefull planning, we have decided to change our stud male for our upcoming M II-combination! We will do a line breeding; Hexe Hof Chao will be littered by Gromm Hof Chao!

More info in our upcoming litter - site.


We have also plenty of super results to update:

In ADRK Klubsieger (Rottweil) Gromm kids have done brilliant results. We are very proud of all of you! 

- GIN v THRUDVANGAR (open class females) V2

- FLASH DE CHATOISILLON (open class males) V7

- VONKASSEL DASKA (open class females) V

- VONKASSEL DASKO (open class males) SG


Also last Saturday in Belgium Mons (judge: Chantal Delafontaine):

- KIMBO HOF CHAO (intermedium class males) V1

- MAYA HOF CHAO (puppy class) Promissing 1

- and Gromm's son GUSTIN DU DETROIT DE LANCASTER (working class) V1 & Best working dog in the ring of honour


Super super huge CONGRATULATIONS to Nina & ROYAL RANGER'S FEUERWALD (Gromm's son) of his ESTONIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION- tittle!


And not to forget, Eddy & Gromm took part to the big C-competition (class II) in our training club. They did good work, bite work itself was super good, just some control problems ;) Totally 83 points!


13/08/2013 KIMBO HOF CHAO's official x-ray results have arrived: HD:A/A, ED: 0/0! Brilliant! He has been added also now to our breeding dog- site!

Updated new photos to M-litters site.


07/08/2013 Gromm offsprings have done super results again in shows!!

In Finland ROYAL RANGER'S FEUERWALD (16 months) V1, Best Male, CAC & BOS! Congratulations Nina!

In ADRK Dortmund GIN v THRUDVANGAR V1 & Willi Hedtke Jugendsiegerin! Congratulations Bûl!


Here under a photo of Gromm's son Royal Ranger's Feuerwald. He is just a copy of his father :)


28/07/2013 There are no words strong enough... only sadness and anger!!

RIP beautiful JAYANI HOF CHAO, now there is no more pain and suffering.

Feeling reliefd that we could help you to get peace and sorry that we did not realise this earlier...

Sweet dreams Jayani, we are proud of you

29.7.2010 - 28.7.2013


26/07/2013 Safely back home from our summer holiday trip to Germany. Although a bit shorter than planned, we had super nice time :)

Big thank you Heinz & Iris for your hospitality! Thank you also BG Hardt & BG Westheim for the training possibilitys and sleeping place.

Also few great show results:

KIARA HOF CHAO in Finland V1, Best Female 2 & CAC (intermedium class), congratulations Jari & Jenni!

Gromm's son  ROYAL RANGER'S FEUERWALD in Estonia V1, Best Male1, J-CAC (junior class), congratulations Nina!

MAYA HOF CHAO in Belgium in her first show VP2 (puppy class)


Here under a photo taken at ADRK club BG Hardt

From left to right: Second helper, Heinz & Wanya, Virpi & helper Mario




Gromm in BRK KS best offspring group

Here above photo of GROMM HOF CHAO in BRK KS with trophy of best offspring group



10/07/2013 On Monday Gromm's litter in Holland has been born, totally 8 puppies! More info in his breeding site.


08/07/2013 What a super weekend! On Saturday was Belgium BRK Klubsieger show, males judged by Mr. Viehoff and females by Mr. Window.

Our HEXE HOF CHAO was in the ring first time after 3 years... Oh yes, that girl rocks: in open class V1 with super critique :)

KIMBO HOF CHAO was in his first show ever in intermedium class SG4

GROMM had an offspring group (Gin v Thrudvangar, Kimbo Hof Chao, Flash De Chatoisillon, Erasmo Cortez von den Hatzruden), the group was judged by Mr. Viehoff as excellent 1 with these words: "Gromm traces very strong in bones , head , pigment and warm colours". We are so proud of him and of all his offsprings :)

All four of his offsprings were selected to go to the finals:

Gin v Thrudvangar in junior class females V2

Flash De Chatoisillon in open class males V2

Erasmo Cortez von den Hatzruden in intermedium class males V2


On Sunday Gromm's son Gustin Du Detroit De Lancaster has played his GHP1 (82-85-90)! Congratulations Jacques!

Also on Sunday Gromm's girl Gin v Thrudvangar in ADRK show V1 & Domschau Jugendsiegerin! Congratulations Bul!

In England Gromm's son Vonkassel Dasko has passed the Breed Suitability Test! Congratulations Alan & Michelle!


KYANO HOF CHAO has been x-rayed and he is officially HD: A2, ED: 0/0. Brilliant!


Hexe under two photos of our HEXE HOF CHAO, V1 in open class

Hexe Hof Chao, V1









Hexe Hof Chao, V1



04/07/2013 New Photo of the Month, new photos to Katla's gallery. Thank you Celine for the photos!


08/06/2013 Updated Gromm's breeding site with new upcoming litter. Added new Photo of the Month.


29/5/2013 In IFR-show in Denmark our KATLA HOF CHAO was in intermedium class V & CK. Her show critique can be seen on her own page.

New photos of KIMBO HOF CHAO. Updated Breeding Dogs-site & Young Dogs-site.

Also updated our UPCOMING LITTER-site!


15/05/2013 Updated the Photo of the Month- site. Also some great results again from Gromm's offsprings:

FLASH DE CHATOISILLON in France V1 & CAC! Congratulations again :)

And big big congratulations Bul & GIN v THRUDVANGAR in ADRK Allgäu-Bodensee Show V1 & BODENSEE JUGENDSIEGERIN!!


05/05/2013 Two years after Gromm won the special BRK CAC-show it was yesterday time for his son to hit the jackpot! FLASH DE CHATOISILLON V1, CAC & Best Male! Congratulations to France :)


29/04/2013 Gromm has become papa again - more info in his breeding site.

Yesterday in ADRK Speicher Kylltalshow Katla was SG in intermedium class.


21/04/2013 M-puppies have all moved to their new homes. Best of luck to all of you :)


01/04/2013 Our M-litter is already coming 6 weeks! New photos on their own site.


25/03/2013 New photos to 5 weeks old M-puppies! New breeding to Gromm's breeding site.


17/03/2013 New photos of 26 days old M-puppies!


10/03/2013 New photos of 19 days old M-puppies. New photos to Gromm's breeding- site.


03/03/2013 New photos to KIERA's gallery. New photos of 12 days old M-puppies :)


23/02/2013 M-litter has their own page.


21/02/2013 Hello world! WE ARE HERE! Our M-litter was born 19.2.2013: 5 beautiful females & 2 strong males.

More info in the upcoming litter-site.

    2 days old


01/02/2013 Third girl from our KI-litter is officially x-rayed: Congratulations Roel, also KYNA HOF CHAO is HD A/A, ED: 0/0!

In Izmir Turkey Gromm's son GURU VOM THRUDVANGAR has made huge show result: V1, JCAC, Best Male, BOB & BIS2! Congratulations!

Meanwhile here at home our Wanya is getting bigger and bigger :) More info on the upcoming litter- site.


20/01/2013 More great news: KAYLIAH HOF CHAO has been x-rayed and she is also HD: A/A, ED: 0/0!

New Photo of the month, new photos to Gromm's breeding site (Polderbos-litter).


17/01/2013 BRILLIANT NEWS to update!!!

Our WANYA VON BICKESHEIM has been in echo today and she is hugely pregnant!! Hof Chao M-litter is on it's way :) More info on the Upcoming Litter-site!

Our youngsters have been x-rayed and the official results are finally here: KATLA HOF CHAO HD: A/A, ED: 0/0 & KIERA HOF CHAO HD: A/A, ED: 0/0!

So indeed we are happy :)


Here under a photo of our KATLA HOF CHAO in Brussel dog show: V1 &  Belgium Junior Winner 2012!

Thank you Ekaterina for taking this photo


15/12/2012 New Photo of the month.


10/12/2012 Yesterday in Belgium Winner Show in Brussel our KATLA HOF CHAO was in her first show & the ace that nobody was expecting HAICO HOF CHAO was first time in the show ring after 2,5 years. WOOHOO how brilliantly they both did!!

Totally 44 dogs in the show, judged by Cristian Stefanescu.

KATLA V1 in junior class & BELGIUM JUNIOR WINNER 2012 (9 females in her class)

HAICO V1 in open class, Best Male, CAC, CACIB & BELGIUM WINNER 2012! 


We are looking forward to see what Haico will produce in his first litter together with our Wanya von Bickesheim :)


At the same day in Finland Winner Show Katla's sister KIARA HOF CHAO was V2 in junior class! Congratulations Jari & Jenni!


Saturday our Gromm has become daddy again! 10 puppies were born in kennel v/h Polderbos. More info in Gromm's breeding site.

Here under photos of HAICO and KATLA together with Eddy & the judge Mr. Stefanescu :)

Haico Hof Chao V1 Best Male CAC CACIB Belgium Winner 2012






KATLA HOF CHAO V1 Belgium Junior Winner 2012


21/11/2012 New photo of the month. New photos of Gin & Guru von Thrudvangar to Gromm's breeding site.


20/11/2012 Last year in Eurodogshow in Kortrijk Gromm was BOB and become International Champion.

This year it was time for his offsprings to show, that apple has not fallen far from the tree ;)

6 offsprings from 5 different combination!

Judged by Mr. Dieter Hoffman

V1 Best Male BOB CAC CACIB Vonkassel Dasko (intermedium class)

V2 Best Male2 r-CAC r-CACIB Gustin Du Detroit De Lancaster (intermedium class)

V1 Flash De Chatoisillion (open class)

V1 Gin vom Thrudvangar (junior class)

V1 Best Female2 r-CAC r-CACIB Vonkassel Daska (intermedium class)

SG3 June v Schloss Hexental (open class).

Big big Thank You to all of you for being there and congratulations!

Here under a photo of Gromm in the ring together with his beautiful offsprings :)

Gromm with his offsprings in Eurodogshow Kortrijk 2012



14/11/2012 Updated For Sale-page


08/11/2012 Updated Gromm's breeding site.


04/11/2012 New photo to Katla's gallery.


16/10/2012 Sad news arrived today and even the sky is crying with us.

France Klubjugendsiegerin -05 Lokerse Winner -05 DASCHA HOF CHAO passed away this morning.

What a gorgeous female she was, the mother of our G1- and I-litter. Thank you Roel for taking so good care of her.

She is running free now with all the other loved ones. Sweet dreams Dasmaus, we will miss you so so much :'(

Dascha Hof Chao


07/10/2012 Yesterday in Rumbeke Belgium GROMM made his GHP II! One photo taken in the competition here under and more in his gallery. Thank you Celine for taking the pictures!

In the same exam Gromm's son Gustin du Detroit de Lancaster passed his BH-exam.

In Holland Gromm's son Erasmo Cortez von den Hatzruden was again V1, Best Youth dog & JCAC.

We are super happy with all these great results :)

Int&B CH GHP2 WGH ZTP BH Gromm Hof Chao


04/10/2012 New photo of the month.


01/10/2012 Some great results again from Gromm offsprings around the world:

In Finland Gromm's son ROYAL RANGER'S FEUERWALD in his first show BOB-puppy with honour prize.

In France Klubsieger Gromm's girl GIN VON  TRUDVANGER was V3 in youth class (22 dogs in class)

In Holland ERASMO CORTEZ VON DEN HATZRUDEN at the age of only 9 months was V1, Best Youth dog, JCAC.

In England VONKASSEL DASKO has been x-rayed HD & ED Free.

Big congratulations to all of you!!


02/09/2012 Today in Finland KIARA HOF CHAO in junior class V1, Best female 2 and CAC. Congratulations Jari & Jenni!


29/08/2012 Just reveiced great news from Finland: JADA HOF CHAO is x-rayed HD & ED Free! Congratulations and thank you Emilia :)

Added new photo of the month. Also new photos to Gromm's gallery & Hexe's gallery.


23/08/2012 The decision is finally made and we can proudly announce our next litter:

Our BH WANYA VON BICKESHEIM will be littered in the end of this year with HAICO HOF CHAO!

Here under a new photo of him :) More info in our Upcoming Litter-site!


21/08/2012 In a boiling hot ADRK Klubsieger three Gromm offsprings made us very proud:

VONKASSEL DASKO V10 in Junior Class (63 dogs in the class)

VONKASSEL DASKA V in Junior Class (61 dogs in the class)

FLASH DE CHATOISILLON SG in Intermedium Class (34 dogs in the class)

At the same weekend in Finland KIARA HOF CHAO (9 months old) V1, Best Female3, res-CAC!

Big congratulations to all of you :)


10/08/2012 Again super good show results to update :)

In Finland JADA HOF CHAO in open class V1, Best Female 1, CAC and BOS. Big congratulations Emilia!

Also a bit earlier (1.7.2012) in Genk Gromm's son Erasmo Cortez von den Hatzruden won again in puppy class VP1, Best male puppy, BOB-puppy. Congratulations!


03/08/2012 Back home from 3 weeks holiday in the UK. First of all THANK YOU Alan, Michelle, Darren, Juliet and Claire for your hospitality and help. It was so great to meet you all :)

Also some great results to be updated:

29.7. in the BRK Club Show Gromm's son Erasmo Cortez von den Hatzruden was in puppy class VP1 and Best Male puppy (class of 10). In the same show Izhar vom Reingarten got SG in open class.

29.7. JADA HOF CHAO was in Pori Int dog show (Finland) in open class V2, Best Female2, CAC and res-CACIB.

Also in Finland KIARA HOF CHAO has done her first show in junior class. At the age of only 9 months V with super good critique:

 "9 months, very promissing. Gorgeously balanced developed puppy. Lovely body propositions. Good angulated. Excellent body. Excellent deepnes of cheast. Beautiful and surprisingly firm upper line. Excellent neck. Beautiful head profile. Lovely scull. Very promissing muzzle part. Excellent stop. Good eyes, ears and bite. Still a little bit soft hair. For her age excellent movement. A true hope for future."     

22.7. Gromm's son VonKassel Djuke has passed his BH-exam in the ago of only 16 months. Great work Simon!

The same day Gromm's son Erasmo Cortez von den Hatzruden was VP1, Best male puppy and Best of breed puppy in Grenzlandschau.

Congratulations to all of you :)

Added new photos to JESSI HOF CHAO, JUNA HOF CHAO and to Gromm's breeding site (Guru von Trudvanger, Royal Ranger's Feuerwald  and Erasmo Cortez von den Hatzruden).

And finally after many many months of waiting, FCI has confirmed Gromm's International Champion-title :)))

Also new Photo of the month.



25/06/2012 Yesterday two Gromm boys did great show results:

Excalibur Jojo von den Hatzruden was in Holland in puppy class VP1 and BOB-puppy

Vonkassel Dasko in ADRK Blatzheim V3 in Junior Class



12/06/2012 New Photo of the Month and some new photos to Gromm's breeding site.


11/06/2012 Saturday in the Finnish Klub Show KWANDO HOF CHAO VP1, HP, Best Male puppy & BOS in puppy class (11 puppies, judge Mr. E Hellman). In the same show JADA HOF CHAO V3 in the intermedium class (9 dogs in class, judge Ms. Yvonne Bekkers).

Also in junior class females Rockweiler's Life is Life V1 & BOB-Junior and Rockweiler's Dirty Harry SG in open class (daughter and son of Geisha Hof Chao). CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU :)


07/06/2012 Started to update new photos of our latest two litters, the K1 and K2.

Updated new photo to Gromm's breeding site.



03/06/2012 On Thursday we received very sad news: Our JAY HOF CHAO passed away at the age of only 22 months.

Sweet dreams our beautiful little boy :(

JAY HOF CHAO 29.7.2010-31.5.2012

Last weekend in the BRK Combisieger Show JASHA HOF CHAO was V3 in Open Class (judge J. Wulff), congratilations Kim!

In the same show Gromm offsprings did following results:

Erasmo Cortez von den Hazruden VP2 in Baby class

Kaicharlee vom Haus Minzenwald in his first show SG in a big Junior Class

Izhar vom Reingarten also in his first show SG5 in Open Class

Gustine Du Detroit De Lancaster also in her first show SG4 in Youth Class

At the same time in England Vonkassel Dasko V1 in Junior Class

Congratulations to all of you and thank you!



19/05/2012 Gromm's kids have done great results on shows:

Today in Holland Klub Show Gromm's son VonKassel Dasko V3 in junior class (17 dogs in the class).

Last Thursday in Holland Gromm's son Erasmo Cortez von den Hazruden was in baby class (17 in class) VP1, Best baby and 5th best puppy in show. In the same show Gromm's girl Ashanti van het Haltersehof was V2 in open class with res-CAC!

Last weekend in England Gromm's son VonKassel Dasko was V1 in junior class and his sister VonKassel Daska V2 in junior class. Both of them are now Crufts Qualified for 2013.




05/05/2012 The new KYLLTALSIEGER 2012 GROMM HOF CHAO with Eddy and the judge Helmut Weiler



Updated also new Photo of the month. Added the show critiques to both Gromm and Wanya.


01/05/2012 The cirle is now complete in Speicher! In 2009 GROMM won the Kylltaljugendsieger-tittle in ADRK Speicher. Now he is also KYLLTALSIEGER 2012 :))

29.4.2012 in ADRK Speicher ( judge Helmut Weiler) GROMM HOF CHAO V1 in champion class, Best Male, CAC, Kylltalsieger 2012

in the same show WANYA did her show debute in open class, SG with very good show critique.

Also Gromm's son VonKassel Dasko was in his first show, junior class V2.

In France Flash De Chatoisillon (son of Gromm) V1 in intermedium class, r-CAC, r-CACIB and Fedora De Chatoisillon (Gromm girl) V1 in junior class.

So indeed not a bad weekend ;)


19/04/2012 JAYANI HOF CHAO passed also her BH-test last Sunday! Way to go girls! We are proud of you both :)

Updated the UPCOMING LITTER-site and Gromm's breeding site.

New Photo of the Month and few new photos to Wanya's gallery.



25/03/2012 Updated Gromm's breeding site.

Yesterday JAYANI HOF CHAO passed the Belgium Socialisation Test! Great work Carine & Jayani :)

Updated finally the Young Dogs-site, proudly presenting our two girls KATLA HOF CHAO & KIERA HOF CHAO.

New Photo of the month.


01/03/2012 Updated new Photo of the Month.

JESSI HOF CHAO has been x-rayed in Finland: HD B, ED Free. Congratulations Elina :)


11/02/2012 Updated the KI-site. Both KI- and KII-litters are sold out.


28/01/2012 Few new photos to Gromm's gallery

Added new photos to Gromm's breeding site


14/01/2012 Great show results from England: Vonkassel Daska (Gromm's girl) had been Best Puppy two times in one week! Congratulations Juliet!

New Grommzie puppies are again born in Belgium: 5 boys and 5 girls :)

New Photo of the Month.


07/01/2012  KI's and KII's posing with their new owners on their pages :) Good luck to all of you!

Gromm's boys and girls have done some great results Today in the Paris Dog Show:

* Goten des Espoirs de Wallieux - BEST PUPPY -

* Fedora de Chatoisillon - V1 in YOUTH CLASS -

* Flash de Chatoisillon - V2 in YOUT CLASS -




21/12/2011 Updated Gromm's breeding site. New Grommzie boys and girls born in Belgium :)

New Photo of the month

Last Saturday in Brussel Dog Show GROMM was V2 in Champion Class.


15/12/2011 New photos of our 8 week old K II's!

Updated Gromm's breeding site.


11/12/2011  K I's are 8 weeks old!

Updated Gromm's breeding site.

Gromm's girl Jehexe v Schloss Hexental has made SG2 in youth class in ODRK Sieger Show in Canada. Contratulations Joanne!

Gromm's boy VonKassel Dasko won best minor puppy in breed at Rottweiler Klub Show in England! Contratulations :)

JADA HOF CHAO was  V3 in Junior Class in Helsinki Winner show in Finland. Congratulations and Thank You Emilia!

HUGO HOF CHAO was SG in Open Class in the same show in Finland. Contratulations and Thank you Elina.


02/12/2011 New photos of the 6 weeks old KII's.


27/11/2011 Time really has wings, the KI's are 6 weeks old!


23/11/2011 Our K II's are 5 weeks old! New photos are online :)


20/11/2011 GROMM HOF CHAO BECOMES INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!! Yesterday in Eurodog show Kortrijk Gromm won the champion class with V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB. Judged by Paul-Dieter Viehoff.  We are SOOO PROUD of our gorgeous boy :))

In the same show JILL HOF CHAO did very good result in Youth Class with SG3. Congratulations!

New photos of our 5 week old K I's, take a look!

Mr. Viehoff, Eddy and Gromm


17/11/2011 K II's are 4 weeks!


12/11/2011 New photos of 4 week old K I-puppies


09/11/2011 K II's are 3 weeks Today and new photos are online!


06/11/2011 New photos to 3 weeks old K I-litter!

Today in Luxemburg was not our day. In Champion Class Gromm got only SG.


02/11/2011 New photos to K II-litter, today 2 weeks old!

Updated Gromm's breeding site: 9 puppies born in Sweden and new upcoming litter in Holland.


29/10/2011 New photos of 2 week old K I-litter. Eyes just starting to get open and first time outside :)

New Photo of the Month. Updated Gromm's breeding site.


28/10/2011 The K II's are one week old and have their own page now :)


22/10/2011 Our K I-litter is one week old. Take a look at the 1 week photos of them :)


19/10/2011 Some days early but just perfect :) Our K2-litter is here: 4 girls and 3 boys!

In the photo some hours old. More info in our Upcoming Litter- site.


14/10/2011 No wonder that Hexe was so big! Our K1-litter has been born today: 8 males and 4 females :)

Here under a photo of few hours old puppies and more info can be founded on the Upcoming Litters-site.



08/10/2011 Updated Gromm's breeding site. New combination and new photo of Gromm's boy Flash De Chatoisillon.


24/09/2011 Updated Gromm's breeding site. Two new combinations and new pictures of Gromm's son Jegromm v Schloss Hexental. Created photo gallery to JAY HOF CHAO. New Photo of the month.




15/09/2011 HEXE IS VERY MUCH EXPECTING PUPPIES :) Confirmed with ultrasound. More info in our UPCOMING LITTER-site!


04/09/2011 Added some Klubsieger pictures to Gromm's gallery.

New photos to Gromm's breeding-site (his oldest son Izhar vom Rheingarten).

Also some more info into our Upcoming Litter- site.


Gromm in ADRK KS 2011

Gromm & Eddy, ADRK KS 2011






Yesterday 21.8.2011 in ADRK Klubsieger GROMM hitted big pot! In working class V2 with super good critique, judged by Mr. Hellmann. His running in the ring was stunning, harmonic and powerfull. We are so very proud of him :)

Gromm's show critique can be seen in his own page.


Also we are proud to wellcome to our kennel ADRK female WANYA VON BICKESHEIM!

Wanya is a top quality female and she has been yesterday and today littered by our GROMM. We have very high expectations to this combination. More can be seen in our Upcoming litters-site!

Danke schön Heinz! We are so hanoured to have a Bickesheim-female in our kennel. Thank You!